Your Inner Sailing
Coaching & Consulting & Wellness with Frank Bresser in Cologne

About Your Inner Sailing

Your Inner Sailing received three Awards in 2017:

Winner of Finance Monthly Global Award 2017: "Executive Coaching Advisory Firm of the Year, Germany"
Winner of Corporate Vision Global Excellence Award 2017: "Most Outstanding Coaching & Consultancy Service"
Winner of CV HR & Training Award 2016: "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany" (bestowed also in 2017)

Your Inner Sailing provides a relaxed, smooth space for effective self-reflection, with individually tailored consultancy, necessary seriousness, joy and a positive effect on your sense of well-being, on private/vocational issues and topics of your choice such as:

Managing change in life
Making decisions and putting them into practice
Setting and achieving life goals
Goals, issues and challenges at work
Mastery of life crises (e.g. stress, separation)
Questions on communication, responsibility and leadership
Authenticity and self-actualization
Life and career planning
Work life balance

It is an individual one-to-one service that uniquely combines coaching, consulting and wellness elements in one service (as appropriate with a focus more on private and/or work issues). Its special value has been recognized by three awards in 2017, e.g. the Award "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany".

Depending on your location, kind of issue and desired scope of support, Your Inner Sailing will optionally take place either in Frank Bresser´s Coaching & Consulting premises in Cologne, or outdoor (e.g. while having a walk along the river Rhine), or in a cafe or restaurant, or by phone or/and by email.

Your Inner Sailing is in principle possible at any venue in and outside Cologne, during the week as well as at the weekend, during the day and in the evening.

Developer and Your Inner Sailing Provider is Frank Bresser.

Frank Bresser Email: Tel.: +49-(0)179-4338876

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