Your Inner Sailing
Coaching & Consulting & Wellness with Frank Bresser in Cologne

Contact Details

The first step is always to have a free phone call conversation with Frank Bresser clarifying the goals and expectations of a possible Inner Sailing. Following this phone call, he will send you an offer without obligation by email and you will have all the time to decide, whether you want to go for it.

In order to arrange this free phone call with Frank Bresser, just get in touch with him in one of the following ways:

Mobile Number: +49 - (0)1 79 - 4 33 88 76 (call or text message)
Landline Number: +49 - (0)2 21 - 5 70 23 87

He will get back to you as soon as possible.

His address in Cologne is:
Your Inner Sailing, Fridolinstr. 13, 50823 Cologne, Germany
(Appointments by prior arrangement only)

Frank Bresser Email: Tel.: +49-(0)179-4338876

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